The Natural Form

The Natural Form

With January firmly behind us and hopefully so too are those extra few pounds that also followed us into the new year, we hoped that the time was right to share some beautiful body images with you.

One of our great photographers, NDI, who exclusively exhibits on Like Love Want, is showcasing his ‘Natural Form’ collection which celebrates the body and the curves which it creates.

Please take a look at his collection and all our other pieces of inspiring art from hand-selected artists.

Right, off to the gym!

Artfully done

If the list isn’t down on paper yet, it’s probably forming in your head. Names being matched with vague recollections of last year’s offerings.

And then you stop on one name. Usually a guy. We all have that person who we may love dearly but that’s not the emotion connected with buying their Christmas present. An increasingly troublesome task.

Could this year be any different? Not only different in approach but also gift choice? (Chances are he probably has enough knits and gadgets).

Take  a look at our newly curated Christmas Collection: For Him and this could be a very happy Christmas for him, and also you!

Here is a small selection of the collection…


Left – right/Top-Bottom

NDI, Rushing Reeds

NDI, The Dark & Stormy City (Blue)

Sophie Layton, Red View

Luke Woodford, Rebirth 1

NDI, Bolts 2

NDI, Bolts 1


A gentle scroll through the gallery?

It is with much excitement that we open our doors to our iPad visitors! Like Love Want is named after, and focuses on, encouraging positive emotions and we’ve worked particularly hard recently getting the gallery looking lovely for our iPad friends!

We hope you agree that our horizontal scrolling gallery very much suits the sweeping motions which the iPad encourages.

We love it, we hope you do too. Come for a scroll soon!

Hours to Take

So, at 2am on Sunday the clocks go back and we gain an hour. It’s obviously rare that we are given extra time (although it could be said it was taken from us in March), so this is a good thing.

However, couldn’t you do so much more with an extra hour of day time rather than night time?

What would you do with that extra 60 minutes?

Take some inspiration from our artists for that thought. Why not…

– Enjoy a trip across the Solent and take in the beauty of the Isle of Wight (Marie Reville, Abstract Acrylic (Blue II), top left)

– Take a step away from everything and enjoy ‘me time’ (Paul Wright, A world without people, top right)

– Appreciate the view from where you live and capture its individuality (NDI, The Dark and Stormy City (Blue), bottom)

No time like the present

October. A month associated with leaves changing colours, searching for kindling and matches, pumpkin paraphernalia  and seemingly, as the high-street would like us to believe, the start of the countdown to Christmas (79 days at time of writing!). We may still have almost a third of the year left till the present giving season, but the pressure finding the right present for the person who (you think) has everything has already begun.

Maybe 2012 is the year which we can crack this, working together with others sharing the same dilemma and choose something a bit different, something original, something gorgeous..?

Here are some helpful suggestions to get you started. Prices range from £125-£350 (for smallest sizes) including delivery. Gift vouchers also available from November.

Top Left to Right

Perfect for: Sister, Sister-in-law, best friend, a lover of colours: Emma Lawrenson’s Camellia Bud III

Perfect for: The bachelor pad, cool older brother, owner of the loft apartment or just bare walls: Luke Woodford’s Rebirth III 

Perfect for: Contemporary Mother, owner of a bright kitchen or conservatory:  Emma Lawrenson’s Yellow Form II

Bottom from Left to Right

Perfect: A modern couple with a contemporary abode, sister or friend who needs calmness in their life: NDI’s Rushing Reeds

Perfect for: A brother or another who loves the blue hues, a print to modernise a bathroom: Emma Lawrenson’s Blue Curve

Perfect for: Updating your sister’s bedroom with an injection of colour,  a bride who had Gerbera’s in her bouquet: NDI’s Pop Art Gerbera 1




With or without milk?

On a wet cold day the thirst for a cup of tea seems stronger, but not quite as strong as when you realise you’ve run out of milk! Without being able to rectify this situation in the very short-term, perhaps looking at some tea-related art will make the mind think it has had its quota of tea!Oriental Teapot Series


The Oriental Teapot series by photographer NDI connects a beautiful splash of turquoise, an air of subject mystery achieved by the narrow depth-of-field approach and circular symmetry through the teapot spout. The four individual image really complement each other when framed and grouped as shown and add colour, creativity and a sense of calmness to any room through the softness of the images. Guaranteed to be a talking point, the individual images are 254mm (w) x 381mm (h) and £145 each. All NDI’s work can be viewed and enjoyed here.

Teresa Green, usually.

Whilst on my travels today, it suddenly became apparent how green my surroundings were, accentuated with a tinge of seasonal change. This moment took me back to an individual telling me of someone they knew called Teresa Green, and how exciting a name I thought it was. Fact or fiction of the story told is irrelevant, but the concept is still the same.

The colour green dominates our day-to-day lives on differing levels depending on where we are seasonally, and geographically. Emma’s Lawrenson’s Forest series highlights this well, from full dominance to a more muted bark colour as we pass through time.

Emma’s Forest IV, III, II and Forest are available through Like Love Want. Click here to view all Emma’s limited edition prints.

Golden Dreams

As the day draws to an end so does our love affair with the most magical summer of sport. The Paralympic closing ceremony bids farewell to London 2012.

The stadium flame is extinguished but not the newly ignited ‘fire in the belly’ of the next generation.

Inspired through so many sporting super stars who showcased incredible strength, integrity and determination to become leaders in their field this summer, we look forward to supporting the next generation of Tom Daley’s, Mo Farah’s, Laura Trott’s, Ellie Simmond’s, Sarah Storey’s…..

NDI’s The Dark and Stormy City (Blue) which highlights the stunning London skyline is available exclusively through Like Love Want

What a Spectacle!

It’s an exciting feeling when you stumble across a designer you hadn’t heard of before but who you know will play a part in dressing your home.

We came across Maria Hatling ( yesterday and was taken by her Black and Cream Spectacles print. Adding a bit of coolness and kitchness to a contemporary room, we loved the print on the lamp shade version.

An ex-Orla Kiely print and homeware designer, Maria has clearly got great credentials but her signature hand-drawn prints and patterns are standalone different and varied. We are liking, loving, and wanting Clip it, and The Key to Happiness (Blue Dots) too. An inspiring artist & designer to follow.