The Natural Form

The Natural Form

With January firmly behind us and hopefully so too are those extra few pounds that also followed us into the new year, we hoped that the time was right to share some beautiful body images with you.

One of our great photographers, NDI, who exclusively exhibits on Like Love Want, is showcasing his ‘Natural Form’ collection which celebrates the body and the curves which it creates.

Please take a look at his collection and all our other pieces of inspiring art from hand-selected artists.

Right, off to the gym!

With or without milk?

On a wet cold day the thirst for a cup of tea seems stronger, but not quite as strong as when you realise you’ve run out of milk! Without being able to rectify this situation in the very short-term, perhaps looking at some tea-related art will make the mind think it has had its quota of tea!Oriental Teapot Series


The Oriental Teapot series by photographer NDI connects a beautiful splash of turquoise, an air of subject mystery achieved by the narrow depth-of-field approach and circular symmetry through the teapot spout. The four individual image really complement each other when framed and grouped as shown and add colour, creativity and a sense of calmness to any room through the softness of the images. Guaranteed to be a talking point, the individual images are 254mm (w) x 381mm (h) and £145 each. All NDI’s work can be viewed and enjoyed here.