Artfully done

If the list isn’t down on paper yet, it’s probably forming in your head. Names being matched with vague recollections of last year’s offerings.

And then you stop on one name. Usually a guy. We all have that person who we may love dearly but that’s not the emotion connected with buying their Christmas present. An increasingly troublesome task.

Could this year be any different? Not only different in approach but also gift choice? (Chances are he probably has enough knits and gadgets).

Take  a look at our newly curated Christmas Collection: For Him and this could be a very happy Christmas for him, and also you!

Here is a small selection of the collection…


Left – right/Top-Bottom

NDI, Rushing Reeds

NDI, The Dark & Stormy City (Blue)

Sophie Layton, Red View

Luke Woodford, Rebirth 1

NDI, Bolts 2

NDI, Bolts 1


A gentle scroll through the gallery?

It is with much excitement that we open our doors to our iPad visitors! Like Love Want is named after, and focuses on, encouraging positive emotions and we’ve worked particularly hard recently getting the gallery looking lovely for our iPad friends!

We hope you agree that our horizontal scrolling gallery very much suits the sweeping motions which the iPad encourages.

We love it, we hope you do too. Come for a scroll soon!

No time like the present

October. A month associated with leaves changing colours, searching for kindling and matches, pumpkin paraphernalia  and seemingly, as the high-street would like us to believe, the start of the countdown to Christmas (79 days at time of writing!). We may still have almost a third of the year left till the present giving season, but the pressure finding the right present for the person who (you think) has everything has already begun.

Maybe 2012 is the year which we can crack this, working together with others sharing the same dilemma and choose something a bit different, something original, something gorgeous..?

Here are some helpful suggestions to get you started. Prices range from £125-£350 (for smallest sizes) including delivery. Gift vouchers also available from November.

Top Left to Right

Perfect for: Sister, Sister-in-law, best friend, a lover of colours: Emma Lawrenson’s Camellia Bud III

Perfect for: The bachelor pad, cool older brother, owner of the loft apartment or just bare walls: Luke Woodford’s Rebirth III 

Perfect for: Contemporary Mother, owner of a bright kitchen or conservatory:  Emma Lawrenson’s Yellow Form II

Bottom from Left to Right

Perfect: A modern couple with a contemporary abode, sister or friend who needs calmness in their life: NDI’s Rushing Reeds

Perfect for: A brother or another who loves the blue hues, a print to modernise a bathroom: Emma Lawrenson’s Blue Curve

Perfect for: Updating your sister’s bedroom with an injection of colour,  a bride who had Gerbera’s in her bouquet: NDI’s Pop Art Gerbera 1




Spotting the next Damien Hirst: Inspiring a generation

‘Inspire a generation’ was the theme of London 2012 and, through such an incredible Olympics and with new sporting role models, it’s obvious how successful this has been.

Continuing this theme, we did our little bit to inspire a generation (on a slightly smaller scale!) yesterday but this time stepping into the arts and culture.

Marie Reville, one of the artist’s exhibiting on Like Love Want, kindly agreed to relocate her easel for a couple of hours into a local  pre-school and explain to four year olds what it was like to be an artist. Captivating their enthusiasm for creativity, the pre-schoolers with Marie’s guidance developed their interpretation of this generation’s most recognised pieces of art, Damien Hirst’s spot paintings.

Marie herself knew she wanted to be an artist from a very early age so who knows if Spiderman or the Princess (see final picture!) will become the next Turner Prize winner because of this opportunity.

1:Paints ready!

2: Enjoying the sight and smell of an artist’s tool box whilst their painted circles dried.

3: The finished result, Lazer’s interpretation of Damien Hirst’s spot paintings – already hung in the hall and receiving rave reviews!

Season changes: Red, amber…which to go for!

After a summer that never was, we have to start thinking about Autumn and the beautiful spectrum of colours which we associate with this season. Brilliant reds and burnt oranges can give such warmth to a home and Sophie Layton’s latest monoprints are on trend to achieve this. In case you haven’t tried it yet, the in-situ tool on Like Love Want is a really easy way to go beyond imagining new art in your home and actually seeing it in place. And once you’ve easily loaded a photo of where you want new art, the photo is available to be used till you finish your session so trying multiple pieces is fast and easy. Which of these Sophie Layton’s do you think we should go for??

1: Screen II

2: Silver Screen Part II

3: Red View

Tough decision!

P(art)y is in the kitchen

Very much like ourselves, walls usually look best with a little covering up, and the kitchen is no exception. Art speaks volumes about you and your style and as visitors usually gravitate towards the kitchen (even if you don’t want them in there!), make sure you are expressing yourself appropriately in this room too.

With a personal penchant towards the appearance of apples and pears in my kitchen, this Marie Reville oil painting sits nicely in my kitchen, and there is something quite decadent about having original art in this room too.  Paul Wright’s Expanding Pears, viewable in the gallery, would look incredible in a large monochrome kitchen.

The Yellow Jug duo by Marie Reville would also add brightness and symmetry to a kitchen, or how about the gorgeous vibrancy of the limited edition print ‘Blue Curve’ from Emma Lawrenson?

If you’re not sure what would work in your kitchen, give our in-situ tool a try which allows you to view any of our art in your kitchen in minutes. All you need to do is find the piece you like and click on label next to it and press the in-situ tab at the bottom. Follow the easy instructions to load a photo of where that piece would go, and within a minute you’ll see that artwork in your kitchen. Simply position and scale. Keep trying till you find the one which looks the best.

You could have the best dressed kitchen before you know it!

Inspiring ethereal images by Luke Woodford


Luke Woodford is an internationally recognised photographer whose work has appeared editorially in luxury and specialist publications, and for prolific clients within the fashion Industry. His photography was recently selected to be part of Vogue Italia’s “A Glimpse at Photo Vogue – 101 Photographers/101 Pictures”, which took place in July/August 2012 in Milan.

Luke’s latest work, the ‘Abandoned Fashion Series’ was born out of his artistic appreciation for both abandoned buildings and inspiring haute couture, resulting in beautiful images surrounded with an ethereal and empowering aura. Limited edition prints from this series are now available.

Externally influenced; Helen Moslin

Born in Manchester in 1956, Helen studied Graphic Design for two years at Liverpool Polytechnic, followed by a Fine Art Course for a further two years. She graduated with a BA (Hons) degree in 1979. After graduation and for the next three years, Helen lived and worked in Bridewell Studios in Liverpool, helping with the running of the studio complex housed in a disused police station. During this time, Helen participated in various group exhibitions including John Moores Exhibition 13 in Liverpool and Summer Show 2 at the Serpentine Gallery London in 1981. Since 1982, Helen has lived, worked and exhibited in London and joined the Gypsy Hill Workshop (a small artists’ co-operative) in 1995, after she began a series of work influenced by the landscapes she had seen on a trip to Australia. Helen now shares a studio with her partner in a former bakery in West Dulwich and continues to exhibit. Her work appears in many private collections. Helen has recently taken part in Dulwich Artists’ Open House, showcasing paintings which are influenced by the art of Japan and her love of gardens and gardening.