Artfully done

If the list isn’t down on paper yet, it’s probably forming in your head. Names being matched with vague recollections of last year’s offerings.

And then you stop on one name. Usually a guy. We all have that person who we may love dearly but that’s not the emotion connected with buying their Christmas present. An increasingly troublesome task.

Could this year be any different? Not only different in approach but also gift choice? (Chances are he probably has enough knits and gadgets).

Take  a look at our newly curated Christmas Collection: For Him and this could be a very happy Christmas for him, and also you!

Here is a small selection of the collection…


Left – right/Top-Bottom

NDI, Rushing Reeds

NDI, The Dark & Stormy City (Blue)

Sophie Layton, Red View

Luke Woodford, Rebirth 1

NDI, Bolts 2

NDI, Bolts 1


Season changes: Red, amber…which to go for!

After a summer that never was, we have to start thinking about Autumn and the beautiful spectrum of colours which we associate with this season. Brilliant reds and burnt oranges can give such warmth to a home and Sophie Layton’s latest monoprints are on trend to achieve this. In case you haven’t tried it yet, the in-situ tool on Like Love Want is a really easy way to go beyond imagining new art in your home and actually seeing it in place. And once you’ve easily loaded a photo of where you want new art, the photo is available to be used till you finish your session so trying multiple pieces is fast and easy. Which of these Sophie Layton’s do you think we should go for??

1: Screen II

2: Silver Screen Part II

3: Red View

Tough decision!

Screen II

Hello and welcome to Sophie Layton

Hello and welcome to the Like Love Want blog.

Our gallery now been open for over a month and we have loved sharing the inspiring art from our hand-selected artists with all our visitors – thanks for stopping by!

We have a new artist on board this week, a young printmaker from London called Sophie Layton. Her collection of monoprints are both atmospheric and contrasting and can all be viewed on in the gallery. The colours in Screen II below are so bold and dominant – they would take control of any lucky wall.

We will be blogging each week about new work, new artists and new developments which we hope you’ll like, love and want to hear about.