Artfully done

If the list isn’t down on paper yet, it’s probably forming in your head. Names being matched with vague recollections of last year’s offerings.

And then you stop on one name. Usually a guy. We all have that person who we may love dearly but that’s not the emotion connected with buying their Christmas present. An increasingly troublesome task.

Could this year be any different? Not only different in approach but also gift choice? (Chances are he probably has enough knits and gadgets).

Take  a look at our newly curated Christmas Collection: For Him and this could be a very happy Christmas for him, and also you!

Here is a small selection of the collection…


Left – right/Top-Bottom

NDI, Rushing Reeds

NDI, The Dark & Stormy City (Blue)

Sophie Layton, Red View

Luke Woodford, Rebirth 1

NDI, Bolts 2

NDI, Bolts 1


'Rushing Reeds'

NDI’s large scale intricacy


In the early 2000s, NDI took a hiatus from corporate life and enrolled at the London College of Printing, specialising in Professional Photography. Graduating with distinction in the course and a focus towards abstract art, NDI focused his attention towards macro black & white and colour narrow depth-of-field photography.

Developing large scale abstract photos and multiple-image collections, his work soon collected a keen following by interior designers, architects and property developers and his work has been used in houses, apartments and offices in London, New York, San Francisco and Tokyo. NDI stepped away from abstract art in 2008 but has made his back catalogue exclusively available on Like Love Want as limited edition prints.